Hello world!

Welcome to my blog.

I reserved this domain early on when I started my Internet based career. At that time I had a job that I wanted to keep so I kept this domain pointing to a plane page that has nothing on it except for a form to check if other domains are available and a link to my email login page.

Now that I don’t have that job any more and that my online career is taking over I decided to build a blog on my personal domain and keep updating the world about me and my family.

The domain yahia.com had already been taken when I decided to get this domain, so I got the .ws version. Although I could communicate with the domain owner to buy it from him/her, I am still not comfortable paying $3000 or more just to acquire my domain name.

Max Bouty HostingSo if you haven’t registered your domain name yet now is a good time to do it if it is still available.

And this can be done for free from MaxBounty hosting if you qualify, but first check the availability by clicking here.

My advice is to register your domain name now rather than later. Especially if you are kind of famous. Because if you don’t, anyone can register your domain name and build a website and put any content on it that might be harmful to your reputation.

Will keep you updated. Have a nice read.

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