Stay Clear from Free Backup Services

Just Cloud Back Up Cloud StorageMy PC Back Up Cloud File StorageAs we enter the cloud era there are several free options for backing up your files to a cloud server, including Google’s own drive.

Not so appealing because of the fact that storing your files for you will cost those services money. They pay for the storing media, the servers, for staying connected to the Internet 24/7, wages, power … etc.

In addition to that, those companies are there to make profit.

So how to you think they are making money from hosting your backed up files for free?

The answer is that they don’t. And if they continue not making money from you, chances are they are going to disappear soon with your backed up files.

So free is not an option when it comes to the files you’ve worked for years to create and perfect.

In reality those free services are only free for a while, including Google drive.

After the free trial period those companies are going to start charging you.

And since they already have your files, and you probably don’t know how to migrate from a server to another (most people don’t), then they can charge you as much as they want and you will either pay and keep the service running, or don’t pay and lose your backed up files and start looking for a different service with better terms.

So my advice is that from the beginning don’t start with those free services.

Get your back ups done by a company that tells you upfront how much it will cost you to keep the back up service.

My recommendation is to try one of these two:

1. Just Cloud, and

2. My PC Backup.

They both offer a short, 30 days free trial. They start with downloading the backup software, setting it up, and letting it do the work. Up front you know how much they will cost you, so you know after the 30 days you will be paying that much.

They give you the option to save on the monthly fee if you buy a year or two in advance. And quite frankly, going month-to-month makes no sense in the context of backing up your files, so that when you forget to pay you lose connection with the server until you pay. As a PC user you already know that 1 second is too long to go without a back service in place. You know what I mean!