My favorite online glasses store

Buying glasses here in Toronto needs a separate budget, or a source of fund that comes from a health plan. The last time I had glasses made here in Toronto it cost me around $300, got broken in a couple of months and I had to get a new pair for another $300, give or take.

Now I don’t buy glasses from any of the famous stores you see around. I save on eye glasses by shopping for them online. Of course the first step is to get an eye exam to make sure my glasses are going to be up to date.

In the eye exam I ask the doctor to make sure he/she includes the pupillary distance. Then I go to This is my favorite because of their prices and special occasional offers like free lenses and free shipping.

They ship prescription glasses within a week. Obviously they outsource the process in order to keep their prices low, but who cares. If it will save me a bunch, like $34 instead of $300 I will go for it.

The company is American based, but they serve in some other countries like Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. Lucky me.

If you need glasses, by all means try them out. I am a satisfied customer, and I know other satisfied customers from New York. So go for it.

Here is the link to

By law I need to tell you that they pay me commission for every sale I refer to them. If you already know me you’ll know I am not going to lie to you for any reason, and definitely not for money.